How Should You Clean Your Face?

Dermatologists and beauty experts recommend cleaning the face at least once or twice a day, to rid the skin of dirt and sweat. Cleansing the skin is a must. Everyday, our skin is in contact with soot, dirt, germs and other airborne particles from the environment, most especially in the urban area. These air particles get inside the skin’s pores, thereby clogging them. Also, women who wear makeup daily should always remember to remove it, since chemicals contained within these beauty products could get stuck and contribute to the amount of internal toxins inside. Ridding the skin of all these dirt makes the skin young, smooth and healthy.

In choosing which facial cleanser best suits the skin, it is important to know one’s skin type. Normal skin has an equally distributed ph balance – balancing moisture, the amount of oil, and the skin’s toughness. Oily skin has a 潔淨美容 highly active sebaceous glands, giving the face a greasy and oily appearance, even after washing it. Dry skin has a tendency to peel or crack, and shows off the pores, making it vulnerable to dirty air particles. Sensitive skin reacts instantaneously to irritants and germs, and sometimes causes itchiness. There are many available facial cleansers for all skin types. There are facial lotions and creams, soap bars and gels, and cleansers with micro scrubs and beads to help with the exfoliation process.

Regardless of the type of facial cleanser, one can never go wrong when choosing hypoallergenic facial cleansers. Using hypoallergenic facial cleansers is the best way to keep our face and neck clean and smooth all the time. Hypoallergenic facial cleansers contain all natural products made from Kaolin, Manuka Honey or Cynergy TK. Facial cleansers which have too strong scents or are too expensive, can sometimes have potent chemicals that irritates the skin. On the other hand, hypoallergenic cleansers maintain the skin’s immune response system, and at the same time, locking in the skin’s natural moistness.

Some of the things we need to remember. Foam does not make necessarily make a good facial cleanser. There are equally effective ones out there, foam-less and all natural ones. Cleansing the face twice is enough – anything more than that actually irritates the skin since it rids off the skin’s natural defense mechanisms against dirt.

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