Suspensions – Types of Suspension and their Benefits

Over-the-road trucks, cars and SUVs are typically equipped with ball joints and subframe connecting mechanisms that allow for the transfer of power from the engine to the wheels, axle and suspension. On a semi-trailer truck, however, the cab-over frame forms a solid part of the body KW thailand, acting as the skeleton of the vehicle. The cab-over frame also acts as an articulating device for the roof rack crossbars. Most truck bodies come in one of three standard designs: the Box Spring, the Four-link or the Independent Transfer Case. All have their advantages, disadvantages and features.

The Box spring is probably the oldest of the three and has been around since the early days of automotive. The Box Spring car suspensions are extremely light and inexpensive compared to some of the more modern designs. They are often used in sports cars and super coupes as weight balance and reliability are paramount. Box springs are designed to absorb the shock of low-rolling hills and bumps, while at the same time transmitting power into the drivetrain so that it can be transmitted to the wheel and axle. Box springs are most commonly made of steel but are also available in aluminum.

Four-link and independent transfer case car suspensions are advanced designs that combine the best of the benefits of Box Springs and the better characteristics of a Drop in Coil spring. The four-link uses two roller bearings in the center of the suspension system for the transfer of power between the engine and the wheels. This design makes the four-link very sensitive to irregularities in road and bump characteristics. In addition, the center section of this design rolls over large bumps present in most road environments to absorb energy.

Independent transfer cases are another variation of the modern vehicle suspensions. These use a single coil system to provide both stability and steering control without relying on the master cylinder. The concept is similar to the Box Spring but provides a higher level of performance than its less expensive competitor. A master cylinder is used to provide the additional input necessary to assist in the progressive roll motion necessary for smooth, safe highway driving. The master cylinder is usually located in the front strut; however, it can be placed anywhere in the vehicle depending on manufacturer specifications. Independent car suspensions have many advantages over Box Springs including higher levels of ride control and increased strength and stiffness.

Custom car suspensions come in many varieties which depend on the use of different wheel styles. A wheel style can refer to the width and shape of the tire as well as its overall dimensions such as diameter and height. Car suspensions can also vary by their method of operation, whether they utilize air bags, dynamic traction control, or a conventional spring system.

The benefits of good suspension are two fold; better ride quality for the driver and lower wear and tear on the vehicle’s tires. The suspension components themselves become part of the overall vehicle image so careful consideration should be made when purchasing high performance parts. As with any purchase, a person should comparison shop various brands and styles before making a final decision on the suspension system that is right for them. Custom car suspensions are an investment that every car owner should consider when upgrading their vehicle.

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